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A very lucky rescued kitty, I am living a quiet life deep in surburbia. I share my home with my my brothers Spot and baby Jake and my human parents. Mom is exceptionally beautiful and Dad is manly.

Sign: Aries

Likes: mousie toys, jumping on humans while they are sleeping, purring, mom's knitting, Fancy Feast.

Dislikes: having my claws clipped and being locked out of the bathroom.

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    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Please can we blog now?  Yeesh, what do I have to do?  OK, here we are.

    Nothing new around here.  It's hot.  Hot and humid.  I'm the only one who likes the AC, Spot and Jake are lying in the kitchen sweating.  Maybe not sweating, but you get the idea.

    Blackitty & Petunia are still here, Blackitty is getting pretty friendly, I think Mom even may have kissed him!  Cheater! 

    We checked out the Peeps site William posted in the comments!  Mom loves the Captain Sully peep the best.  My beans didn't do a peeps diorama this year, but they are keeping Peeps in Space in mind for next year.

    Soft Kitty, the song is from the TV show "The Big Bang Theory", we watch it every week.  Sheldon's mother used to sing it to him when he was sick.  But I have to warn you, if your mom sings it, she may never stop.  It's that kind o song...

    Well, that's about all the news for now, you know no news is good news.  I'm hoping to get Mom in gear so we can blog a little more often.  Maybe I'll leave a trail of M&M's to the computer...

    Posted at 11:09 pm by Puff

    Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal
    January 3, 2011   10:27 AM PST
    Hi Puff -

    We wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year! We hope that you are all doing well and that you get lots of treats and scritches in 2011!

    Charlemagne, Tamar and little brother Mal
    Charlemagne and Tamar
    August 19, 2010   11:41 PM PDT
    We're glad to hear that everyone is doing well and we look forward to hearing more about the new kitties!

    Hope that you have a nice weekend,
    Charlemagne and Tamar
    August 4, 2010   09:09 PM PDT
    Hey Puff! Sorry I haven't visited in awhile! Let me know if the M&Ms work--I could try that on my mom.

    I think Henderson is out...Mom says that's really a decision she could make only in the dead of winter after a number of drinks. I keep checking the temps--we would all croak out there! I mean, you know how my brother is about the heat. I say, let's sell the house, buy a travel trailer and drive around a bunch. We'd stop crying eventually.
    Shilgiah the Cat
    August 2, 2010   12:52 PM PDT
    Our mom loves The Big Bang Theory too! However, she somehow has missed the "Soft Kitty Song". Tell us more...our mom needs some new songs to sing.

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