Entry: Paws crossed please. Friday, January 29, 2010

From Puff's Mom:

Although we haven't posted in a while, everthing's been fine around here.  Up until yesterday.

To make a long story short, Puff couldn't pee and Spot couldn't poop.  There must be a certain irony there.  We took them to the vet last evening and they both came home.  They removed a small blockage in Spot(how they did that, we didn't want to ask).  He seems much better, but we have to keep him separate until he poops.

Puff's bladder wasn't distended last night, so they gave him an antibiotic and sent him home.  He got worse during the night and didn't peep a drop.  By this morning he was obviously in pain.  So we carted him off the the large emergency hospital.  He's blocked again, and they'll be doing surgery, hopefully today.

We opted for the surgery because this is the third related issue since last May.  It's awful seeing him so umcomfortable and not his usual affectionate self.

Please keep your paws crossed for him.  Of course we're very worried, but we know he's in the best hands.  We should hear from them later.


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Charlemagne and Tamar
February 7, 2010   01:13 PM PST
Oh goodness - keeping our paws crossed!
January 29, 2010   04:42 PM PST
Good luck Puff!

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