Entry: Update Friday, January 29, 2010

Puff's out of surgery and doing well.  They have him on painkillers, so I imagine he's a little loopy.  I hope that means he's not so scared.  He should be home by Monday.

Spot seems to be doing well too.  We're still keeping him separate from Jake because we have to make sure what's going in is coming out.


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April 19, 2012   01:08 AM PDT
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February 3, 2010   11:42 AM PST
Please know we are purring for a good recovery and that this doesn't return!
February 2, 2010   10:45 PM PST
Oh no oh no oh no! I'm so sorry I missed all that's been going on. I hope Puff is OK and back home. Please let us know how he's doing. And Spot, too!

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