Entry: Home Sweet Home Thursday, February 04, 2010

Puff came home on Monday, earlier than was expected!  He's doing well, but becomes cranky at times.  I don't blame him, he's got to wear a giant collar so he doesn't pull out his stitches and we've got him confined to one room.  And he's got different kitty litter!  Paper pellets again.  I like the Petsmart recycled paper litter, but it doesn't clump so I basically have to replace the whole box every day.

He's eating and drinking and peeping.  He gets two medicines a day for a little while.  The collar is the worst part.  We do take it off for a while and watch him, so he can groom himself.  Cause you know he's fastidious!

Spot's doing pretty well too.  We made some changes to his diet, no dry food for anyone.  Spot's also getting canned pumpkin and a little miralax.  It seems to be helping.

Poor kitties!  But we think they're on the way to recovery!

Puff's Mom


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We're happy to hear Puff is doing ok - we're thinking about him!
February 5, 2010   07:43 PM PST
Oh, this is good news! Makes all of us smile at the end of another long week!!

Do you still have your place in Lost Wages? Mom keeps talking about maybe moving us to Henderson (I think this is plan D--she's not very happy with working for the people who came in after the feds, and it would be closer to our Aunt L). The city's website looks nice, but as we all know, even a cat can make a nice-looking website. Do you have any thoughts on the place?

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