Entry: Getting Back to Normal Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I had my stiches out and everything is going well.  The beans kept me cooped up in the Randy Room for another  couple days and then released me back into society.

I'm spending my days catching up on snuggling with my brothers.  You never know how much you're going to miss your boys!  Oh, and this morning I snuck out the front door when Dad was going out to his car.  Mom didn't even realize it until about 10 minutes later when I had to mew pitifully just to get back in!  And it was raining too!  Hurrumph!

We have lots of changes around here.  No more dry food.  I love my dry food too!  Mom does sneak me in a couple pieces of Blue Spa Wilderness once or twice a day  But it's usually Wellness and Fancy Feast canned food for now.  Spot gets a little pumpkin in his food too.  I've even lost a little weight!  Mom says I'm svelte!

We're also still using the paper pellet litter.  It's not so bad I guess.  At least it doesn't stick to our paws and get all over the place.


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Glad you feeling better Puff! Brothers are nice to have around aren't they :)thanks for sharing such informative and fantastic post..
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Charlemagne and Tamar
March 5, 2010   08:19 PM PST
We're so glad to hear that you're feeling better, Puff! Cuddling with siblings seems to be a good way to spend your time now that you're out of jail.

Have a nice weekend,
Charlemagne and Tamar
February 25, 2010   09:34 PM PST
Mmmmm, Blue Spa! I love that stuff!

I'm glad you're feeling better now and out and about with your bros. But don't be running outside!

Thanks for the info about Henderson. I think my mom and my Aunt L are going to meet up there late next month and plan stuff.
Shilgiah the Cat
February 23, 2010   01:05 PM PST
Glad you feeling better Puff! Brothers are nice to have around aren't they :)

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