Entry: Little Ball of Fur Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My mom's convinced that the song "Soft Kitty" was written about me.  Great, now I can't get it out of my head.

PS: Yep, Mom made the mousie, but not for us!  I think she's going to give it to a little bean she knows.


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Shilgiah the Cat
May 10, 2010   06:28 PM PDT
Hi Puff,
Boy, I thought my mom was lazy about blogging! Hope all is well and you are just on hiatus or something. We'll wait patiently...are you back yet...are you back yet...are you back yet???
April 17, 2010   09:38 PM PDT
Lucky little bean! That mouse is really cute!
April 5, 2010   08:47 PM PDT
Guys, you've got to see this:


It's a riot!
Charlemagne and Tamar
March 31, 2010   02:43 PM PDT
We don't know that song, Puff. Who sings it?

Your fur certainly looks very soft and it's obvious that your mom loves petting you a lot!

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